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The Vina Kobal brand presents wines from selected vineyards in the Karst, more precisely from the oldest village in this area, Štanjel, a space that our ancestors created through hard work. A place where the centuries-old heritage of viticulture and winemaking is written in every piece of land. A place whose story is captured in every glass of our wines. These are characteristic – maceration, which lasts from 24 to 240 hours, emphasizes the variety, freshness and recognizable karst touch. The range of our wines offers you a large selection of young fruity aromas. Do unique aromas of small red fruits, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries warm your heart? Instead, would you choose full aromas of orange, citrus, pear, acacia, vanilla, and hazelnut?

Vina Kobal winery is committed to spreading the long-standing tradition with pride and perseverance. With a deep respect for nature, we produce wines of the highest quality. Thanks to the family’s dedication and trust, we have become one of the leading wineries in the Karst region, where just over 600 ha of vineyards are planted with vines.

The creation of wine is always a reflection of the different ripeness of the grapes. We capture the full varietal potential of an individual variety. Wines are further enriched with various methods, and maturation approaches, from the classic in stainless steel containers to maturation in wooden barrels, usually made of oak wood.

Salomon: “Wine delights the human heart.” 


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