My account

To create a user account, click on the “My Account” link in the main menu and then fill out the registration form. You can also create your account during your first checkout. In both cases, you must enter your email address and choose a password. With this data, you can log in to your user account at any time in the future, where you can see, view and edit your information.

On the home page, click on the “My Account” and then on “Lost your password?” button (below the login form). Enter your account email address and click on “Reset password”. We will send you an email immediately, through which you can create a new password.

Please write an e-mail to [email protected] with your wish. We will delete your user account immediately. The message does not need to contain a lot of information; the only thing that matters is that we can identify you, which means you must write from your registered e-mail address.

All user data will be treated in the strictest confidence with us and will not be passed on or resold.

Yes. After logging in to your user account, you can check and edit your information on the “My Account” subpage. You can change the data in the “Account details” section.

Your membership with us is and will remain free.


Ordering is quite simple:

After your desired item is in the cart, you can place your order via the “Checkout” button.

During the ordering process, you can create a user account and stay logged in.

We will then guide you through the order in three steps (address – payment method – confirmation), and our online store will complete your order.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to order without registering a user account.

To view past orders, sign in with your email address and password on the “My Account” subpage.

Select the “Orders” tab. After the click, your past orders will be displayed.

Yes. You can order from the countries listed below. Postage varies from country to country and is charged according to the DPD delivery service price list, depending on the shipment’s weight. Delivery costs are always displayed before placing the order at the checkout, depending on the address entered.

We deliver in:

Austria – estimated delivery time: 1 day
Belgium – estimated time of delivery: 3 days
Bulgaria – estimated delivery time: 3 days
Czech Republic – estimated delivery time: 2 days
Denmark – estimated delivery time: 3 days
Estonia – estimated delivery time: 4 days
Finland – estimated delivery time: 5 days
France – estimated time of delivery: 3 days
Greece – estimated delivery time: 3 days
Ireland – estimated delivery time: 4 days
Italy – estimated delivery time: 2 days
Latvia – estimated delivery time: 4 days
Lithuania – estimated delivery time: 4 days
Luxembourg – estimated delivery time: 2 days
Hungary – estimated delivery time: 2 days
Germany – estimated delivery time: 2 days
The Netherlands – Estimated delivery time: 3 days
Poland – estimated delivery time: 3 days
Portugal – estimated delivery time: 4 days
Romania – estimated time of delivery: 3 days
Slovakia – estimated delivery time: 2 days
Spain – estimated delivery time: 4 days
Sweden – estimated delivery time: 4 days

After the order is completed, we will send you a confirmation of the order to your e-mail address, which, in addition to your ordered products, also contains your delivery address and the selected payment method.

Yes, if you want to shop with us, you need a user account. You can register quite easily via the registration form or at the checkout page.

Unfortunately, ordering via phone is not possible with us.

Our customer support team is happy to help you. If you have any questions, you can send them to [email protected]

Of course, you can also place your order from a tablet or mobile phone. Visit our online store via your mobile internet browser. If you have any questions about this, you can call us at any time. We are available on 00386 68 125 944.

There is usually no minimum amount to place an order. Depending on the payment method you choose, there may sometimes be a minimum purchase amount set. If so, we will notify you.

There is usually no limit to the maximum purchase amount. The maximum amount may depend on the payment method you choose.


SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. This is the name of the new regulation for national and European payments. IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a number that replaces all national account information (in Germany, the account number and bank number). The BIC (Business Identifier Code) is an international standard for bank codes (comparable to a bank identification number in Germany), through which the payment institute can be identified.

You can find the three-digit security code on the back of your credit card.

VAT (value-added tax) is written separately on each invoice.

You have a choice of the following payment methods: direct bank transaction, credit card and PayPal.

If credit card payment is not possible, there may be various reasons for this. Payment declination can be caused, for example, by an error in entering data, an invalid card, missing identification or a technical error on our site.

Alternatively, you can choose between the following payment methods: PayPal and direct banking transaction.

You will receive an invoice via email as soon as your order has been shipped. In some situations, we can also attach the invoice to the package in physical form.

We do not currently offer instalment payments.

Of course. All you have to do is enter the company’s name and the tax number in the information at the checkout, which we later use to issue an invoice.

If your chosen payment method is PayPal or credit card, our store will complete the order with a successful payment page. In case of payment via direct bank transaction, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Coupons & gift cards

If you have a coupon, you can enter the coupon code in the “Coupon Code” box in the cart.

The value of your coupon will automatically reduce your final invoice amount.

If your discount code doesn’t work, it could be for the following reasons:

1. The coupon has already been used and is therefore invalid.

2. The coupon was issued for a specific user account.

3. The coupon is linked to the minimum and/or maximum order amount.

4. We cannot redeem the coupon for all products.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or via [email protected] – please provide the coupon number in this case.

We cannot redeem coupons for cash.

Unfortunately, we cannot redeem the coupon later because it is technically impossible.

If you happen to forget to redeem the coupon, the coupon retains its validity, and you can save it for your next purchase in our online store.

Shipping & Delivery

We usually send items within few working days at the latest.

Delivery times are listed in the table below:

Check if your order’s been placed correctly in the order confirmation email.

Besides, you can check your orders in your User account under the “Orders” section.

If you have further questions regarding the order, you can contact us at any time at [email protected] We will be happy to help you.

For this option, select the payment method and enter the desired address under the “Delivery address” section.